Carved stones
Carved stones remain the most tangible and distinctive legacy of the Picts.

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About the Picts
Discover the Pictish people: how they lived and how their history unfolded.

> Timeline
> Early origins
> Society and culture
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Serpent and Pictish beast carved on stone no.1 at Meigle Museum.
A brief history
Who were the Picts? Where did they live? Discover their story and a timeline of Pictish history.

>A brief history
Figures carved on stone no.11 at St Vigeans Museum.
Map directory

Explore our map directory to search a selection of Pictish carved stones discovered around Scotland.

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3D scan of the Aberlemno 3 Stone
3D scans

Try out our interactive rotatable 3D scans of five carved Pictish stones produced using laser-scanning technology.

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